Course Policies

  • This is a discussion and writing class—we write every day, we talk every day. Obviously you can’t participate if you’re not here. So the first and most important policy for this class is to come, and come prepared. “Prepared” means you’ve done the reading (or the viewing, or the writing) for the day, thought about it, taken some notes, and even given some thought to what you’d want to say about it in class. Class meetings can’t be made up. You may miss two class meetings (one full week) with no questions asked; after that, missed classes will begin to affect your grade. See me if you have a conflict such as a game, field trip, or family obligation beforehand—email or call if you’ll miss class because of an illness.
  • In class: no laptops; cellphones off—unless we have a use for them, specified ahead of time. Since our class meets at what may feel like a mealtime, you may bring food & drinks into the classroom, but try to be discreet: onion sandwiches probably won’t go over too well with your classmates.
  • Papers are due at the time and date specified in the syllabus, with no exceptions. You will be working either with your peers or with your Writing Consultant on your draft and you can’t get good feedback from them if you haven’t given them time to read it. Final drafts must be accompanied by marked drafts and any editorial feedback you’ve received. If I don’t receive those materials with your paper, I won’t read it until I get them—and I’ll mark it late. Be forewarned.
  • The library workshop and consultations with your Writing Consultant are mandatory. Miss them at your peril.
  • This class is exploratory in nature—it’s more about finding the right questions to ask than mastering a body of material. So at times the syllabus may change as we decide to follow a different set of questions. If/when that happens, I’ll give you plenty of notice both in class and online—please check your email regularly so you know what’s going on.