Course Goals and Assignments

Course Goals

All FYS courses have the same five interlocking goals:

  1. expand and deepen students’ understanding of the world and of themselves
  2. enhance their ability to read and think critically
  3. enhance their ability to communicate effectively, in writing, speech, and other appropriate forms
  4. develop the fundamentals of information literacy and library research
  5. provide the opportunity for students to work closely with a faculty mentor

We will approach these goals in various ways, but primarily through intensive in-class writing and discussion, and out-of-class reading, viewing, and writing.  More specifically, my hope is that in this class you approach some familiar texts (fairy tales) with new insights, deepening your awareness of the cultural, literary, and political implications of this familiar form. Through attention to oral and written communication skills and library research skills, you will, by the end of the semester, have posed a research question, completed some preliminary research, and presented your findings in both written and oral form.

Course Assignments and Grading Breakdown

In-class writing and class participation: 20%

Much of our writing in class will be unstructured and ungraded. However, on occasion I will collect and respond to in-class writing. I will also provide periodic feedback on your class participation. Postings to the class blog are also considered part of class participation.

Formal papers (3): 60%

Each paper will go through at least one draft before being turned in for a grade. On occasion, further rewrites may be encouraged.  See the course rubric for written work for more on grading standards.

Class presentation: 20%

You will present your research findings to the class in a formal presentation during the last two weeks of the semester. Early consultations with a Speech Consultant are strongly encouraged.  (More on this in class.)