An Ecological Cinderella?

A Brief Excerpt
Tony Johnston’s “Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella” is an amusing take on the traditional tale, substituting a group of Bigfoot for the royal and courtly people.  This version is entertaining to read aloud and makes for a great “story-time” selection.


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2 Responses to An Ecological Cinderella?

  1. Miki Doan says:

    Although the excerpt does not say much about the book, I make my guess that the plot is similar to the traditional Cinderella story with some ecological twists. In this book, the Cinderella happens to be big, hairy, nature lover Bigfoot. One interesting detail is that the author brings in the father figure for the external agent to help her to win the prince’ heart. I am just curious if the book includes a secret identity for Cinderella and a mean in order for the prince to find her.

  2. staciann says:

    This Cinderella story is pretty much opposite of traditional Cinderellas. Instead of valuing small feet, grace, charm, and beauty, this prince is looking for a caring, hairy, big-footed girl to be his princess. While it makes the story humorous, it also sends out the message that you don’t have to be perfect to find love and/or be happy. It is still a Cinderella story because of the stepfamily, the search for love, etc. The change of making the prince and princess being eco-friendly also adds another layer to the book. It stresses the importance of helping the environment, and therefore teaches the reader to follow the book’s example. It further encourages women and readers in general to be intelligent and educated about issues such as saving the planet.

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