Cinderella in ESPN commerical

Here ESPN uses the scene from the Disney version where Cinderella’s shoe falls off, and they make it a sneaker and she is fleeing from a stadium instead of a palace. I had not seen the commercial before and I thought it was an iteresting and funny take on the classical scene.


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2 Responses to Cinderella in ESPN commerical

  1. dantaylor10 says:

    I like this commercial, but I have never really understood why Cinderella is used so much in sports. Most of the time Cinderella is referenced in the sporting world, it is done so incorrectly. For instance, the most common Cinderella reference in sports happens almost every year in March during the NCAA basketball tournament when a typically under-matched team wins more games than expected. The best examples of this are George Mason in ’06 and Butler last year. While these teams’ unexpected successes are inspiring stories, they are not Cinderella stories because the teams only go from “rags to riches” and not from riches to rags and back to riches. The teams that are commonly referenced as Cinderellas have not had any success in the past. A more accurate use of labeling a team as Cinderella would be nicknaming a historical powerhouse who has had some bad seasons but finally comes back with a strong title run.

  2. Maggie McGrann says:

    I agree with Dan. I think the misnomer of “Cinderella” in the sporting world is somewhat indicative of our need to simplify “fairy tales” in a technologically growing world. We need comprehensive comparisons and we need them now!

    As folktales get revised and reinterpreted, how much detail is really necessary to accurately tell a story?
    Though “riches-to-rags-to-riches” is more accurate historically, will it be the most accurate in the future (or even today, given all of the rags-to-riches comparisons and versions now available through movies)?

    Also, this commercial made me stop and think:
    Is Cinderella running from the stadium or to the stadium?
    I kind of got the idea that she was late for her game.

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