They matched hair colors with the characters but there are two blondes why do you think they chose Cinderella as Karen?  Do you think its because Cinderella has similar qualities as Karen (ie. acting dumb)?


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  1. erinob says:

    By choosing Cinderella to act as Karen in this clip, I do not think that they were portraying the fact that Cinderella is dumb in any way. I think that by matching these two characters together, they were comparing their passivity. Karen is known to be a character in the background who listens to whatever Gretchen or Regina says without putting up much of a fight. Cinderella is like this in many ways that we see in the different versions of Cinderella we have read. She always takes orders from her stepmother and stepsisters to clean the kitchen or wash the clothes. In most versions, Cinderella never completely stands up to these people and would continue to have lived in the background if it wasn’t for her fairy godmother or help from magic. I think that this clip is an interesting way of showing different sides to these princesses that we might never had seen, even if this clip over exaggerates those characteristics.

  2. Roxanne Henningson says:

    I agree that Karen does possess some of the common characteristics of a typical Cinderella, especially passivity. After watching this clip I started to think of how mean girls relates to a Cinderella-like tale and why someone would make this comparison. It seems like Cady who is portrayed as The Little Mermaid, represents the “Cinderella” in this story since she goes from rags to riches (home schooled jungle freak to one of the plastics). However, I am a little confused as to who would represent the fairy godmother in this movie. Her friends Damien and Janice could potentially be her “fairy god-friends” since they are the first ones to befriend her and then help her to sabotage the plastics, but I also feel like Regina could be the fairy godmother. She transforms Cady to be like the plastics and become popular, but then again, she is also responsible for Cady’s downfall. Like a typical Cinderella, Cady is passive and reliant upon others, doing what people tell her to do and not always being assertive. However, she does seem to take some initiative and uses her own tricks to get back at Regina. Despite all of the drama that unfolds throughout the movie, Cady does end up with the prince (Aaron Samuels) and life is good. I suppose that this movie could in some ways represent a Cinderella-like tale, though it might be a bit of a stretch.

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