Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale

Disney is coming out with a new spin on the classic Cinderella story, that is set to be released later this year. This version centers around the life of a girl who loses both of her parents in a tragic accident, and must begin working for her uncle’s record label. An overrated girl pop group takes the place of the “evil step sisters”, and a famous singer/teen heart-throb replaces “Prince Charming.” Do these new twists, and modernizations of this classic story seem interesting? Or has this common trend of teen-centered renditions of Cinderella become overkill?


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2 Responses to Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale

  1. This trailer goes along with some of Karen Rowe’s ideas. Elle has a great voice and she knows it, yet she does not sing for others to hear and she is only discovered by accident. Her self confidence seems very low and she gives in to the orders of the pop stars and lets them treat her like a slave. This seems like it is a story of the familiar “Cinderella” who has no self confidence and lets others push her around until she find her prince to give her some confidence.

  2. Emily Marsch says:

    I agree with what Sheila said. Elle refuses to believe her friend, who keeps trying to persuade Elle that she is a “real singer,” but she does finally use her talents when her “prince charming” shows an interest in her. This sort of affirms Rowe’s point that fairy tale heroines are dependent upon their princes for status and identity because, despite her potential, Elle is basically a nobody until Ty Parker comes along and exposes her talent.

    On a different note, I thought it was interesting how this modern movie incorporated some of the classic Cinderella themes. For instance, the clock striking at midnight becomes a timely text from Elle’s uncle at midnight; the evil stepsisters are replaced by the jerky singer and her sidekicks; Prince Charming is a famous pop star; and Cinderella’s dream is voiced in Elle’s song, “I want to be a princess/The fairest of them all.”

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