A Real Cinderella Story?

An Australian’s Search for An Indian Princess

This is a fascinating news story in which an Australian man visiting India is hoping to trace back his family history to the marriage of an ancestor to an Indian woman thought to be a “princess” or of some royal descent.  The only remaining physical evidence the family has of her is a pair of royal slippers…

Could this be a real Cinderella story?


About Elisabeth Gruner

English professor, University of Richmond
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One Response to A Real Cinderella Story?

  1. staciann says:

    This is definitely a Cinderella story. It follows the shoe motif, with that being all that is left of her. The fact that she was most likely a princess is also very like Cinderella. One thing that I found interesting is that even this real-life Cinderella is only defined by her relationships to men. She is known as just a “native” in records of her marriage to Samuel Need and the birth of her children. The only idea of her ancestry is that she was the daughter of a maharajah, possibly Nawab Saadat Ali Khan II. Her name is completely lost, which shows how little respect women were given during the time period, even if she were a princess. While more striking in this story, the tradition of women being thought of only in relation to their fathers, and then husbands, has remained throughout history and can be seen in many Cinderella stories.

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