Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time

This Cinderella sequel is different from the first in that it takes away the happily-ever-after and Cinderella is left to fend for herself and regain all that is taken away from her through the wave of a magic wand!


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2 Responses to Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time

  1. gepstein says:

    Although the characters are the same as in the original tale, this story concentrates on completely different themes. The story is about depending on yourself, despite any obstacles, to win the heart of your love. In the original story, Cinderella depended on a godmother or a tree for help. She was always running away, and her victory was escaping. This Cinderella is attempting to regain her life. She runs towards the trouble rather then away, and her victory was her return.

  2. ersatzme says:

    So is Cinderella deprived of her happily ever after because of her step-mother’s increase in power, or because of the removal of the fairy godmother from the scene? Cinderella is made to be independent, but it is not her immediate thought. She seems content to wallow in her misery until the mice remind her that the prince would recognize her. Wicked Stepmother, naturally, has a solution for this and wipes the prince’s memory. How kind. The characters each seem to have been more developed, but not necessarily for the better. The stepmother is more cunning, the daughters more ditzy, and Cinderella more independent. There is much more emotion in this version, which may be because of the time period? I do agree with Ginger that there is quite a difference in the Cinderella story-line and the one followed in this tale.

    Sorry, but did you know you can watch it on YouTube?

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