Ella Enchanted

This Cinderella story is different from those we have been looking at in class. Instead of the fairy godmother helping Ella she curses her instead.


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2 Responses to Ella Enchanted

  1. Leah Downey says:

    This version of Cinderella is not all that different from those we have looked at in class. The basic plot does not stray from the traditional in Ella Enchanted. Though there are obvious creative liberties taken with story, the basic Cinderella plot remains intact.

    Yes, Lucinda is a fairy that curses Ella, but she is not the fairy godmother. Ella’s fairy godmother is Mandy, the fairy cook that raises Ella in the place of her deceased mother. Ella is a girl of the upper class who is forced into servitude by her stepmother and tortured by her stepsisters. She regains control of her life by breaking her obedience curse and marrying Prince Char. Ella is guided through her trials with the aid of Mandy: protecting Ella from her stepfamily, helping her get to the ball, telling her how to break her curse, etc.

    The character development as well as the extensive details in Ella Enchanted make the story more believable, but the underlying plot is the traditional Cinderella.

  2. Emily Smith says:

    Ella Enchanted is truly a unique version of Cinderella and in my opinion, shares few qualities with the original Cinderella story. In the movie, Ella, although obedient, sets out on her own journey to find her godmother and fix the curse placed on her. She takes action for herself and doesn’t let anyone get in her way, talk about the opposite of a passive and weak character.
    In the movie Ella really develops as a character and becomes her own person. Similar to the original Cinderella, she receives help form a few friends along the way. However, in the end, she is the one who ends up saving the Prince from death, which is the opposite of the original Cinderella where the Prince has to rescue her. Overall, it is really a great movie and although shares a similar general outline of a Cinderella story, incorporates many of its own elements of a strong, independent woman.

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