Cinderella Man

How does the traditional story of Cinderella change when the Cinderella Figure is a male and when the story is applied to sports?


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4 Responses to Cinderella Man

  1. chelsead1013 says:

    This applies to Cinderella through sport because the protagonist is determined and persistent in following his dream. Similar to Cinderella he overcomes diversity and obstacles in order to succeed and find happiness. He continues to struggle and persevere and in turn finds his “happily ever after.” He is very grateful even when he is unemployed and is appreciative for the second chance to fight. With this second opportunity he is fighting for his family and is being the bigger person. Like Cinderella the protagonist does not dwell on the evils of his life, and instead persists and fights for himself and his families happiness.

  2. Christina Amorose says:

    This movie shows the differences between female and male cinderella characters. The male cinderella character in this film is a significantly more dominant character than the traditional female cinderella. The protagonist creates his own opportunities throughout the film and arises from conflict and struggle due to his own actions and determination. The traditional cinderella, however, portrays the female character as inferior and passive. The recurrence of a subordinate nature attributed to traditional cinderella characters and the active male cinderella character in this film assert Rowe’s argument in her essay discussing female passivity.

  3. Maggie McGrann says:

    I think it’s interesting that, when the term “Cinderella” is applied to sports, it is usually always about an under-dog team or player over-coming impossible odds.
    I haven’t seen this movie, but from the trailer, I gather that in its very basic form, it follows the traditional “riches-to-rags-to-riches” plot.
    It’s also interesting to note that a sense of competition is pretty key in asserting a story as a “Cinderella Story.” In traditional versions, she may be in competition with sisters or her step mother for her father’s love and attention. In sports stories, the player or team is in competition (obviously) with another team but ultimately for the same sort of “love” and “attention” attributed to them once they have won (well…love, attention, funding…you get my idea)

  4. Andrew Brockett says:

    This movie follows the classic Cinderella story when it pertains to sports and the underdog. The main character shows characteristics of Cinderella by being humble about everything even though nothing is going right in his life. He may be hurting but he does not show it and stays strong when it matters. He is also patient and when his chance for redemption comes, he takes it and turns his life around, very similar to how Cinderella is pateint and waits for the day for her life to turn around.

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