Blog Posting and Commenting

Posts should be brief: link to a Cinderella or a reference to Cinderella, and note why you’re doing so, or embed an image or video with a brief description. That’s it.

Comments should take up at least one of the following questions:

  1. what makes this a Cinderella?
  2. why is it funny?
  3. what does it suggest about our larger conception of Cinderella?
  4. what does it suggest about its own topic?

For examples of the latter two questions, think of the Obama cartoon, below. What does this suggest about Cinderella? Perhaps that she is overburdened with other people’s desires? Or that she may have some responsibility for the position she is in?  What does it suggest about Obama? That we are acting like the step-family to him? That he is pure in heart and we just haven’t seen it yet?


About Elisabeth Gruner

English professor, University of Richmond
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