President Cinderella?


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English professor, University of Richmond
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2 Responses to President Cinderella?

  1. Sheila Sullivan says:

    This cartoon shows a very interesting comparison of our president to Cinderella. The bubble show orders that are being barked at the president just as orders are usually barked at Cinderella by he step-family. Unlike Cinderella, the president’s orders are being barked at him by the citizens and the government. This is a great way to show how much our president is being asked to do at once and he must feel very overwhelmed by all of his work. Maybe he needs a fairy godmother to help him out.

  2. Caroline Mihok says:

    The author of this political cartoon is extremely witty in their comparison of President Obama’s duties for the country right now, and what the stepsisters demand of Cinderella. Since Cinderella is such a common fairy tale among Americans, it makes for a relatable subject for viewers to understand the cartoon. It really shows how many problems our country has, but unfortunately I don’t think Cinderella nor Obama can get it all done by midnight.

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